Transportation Bill Clears Kentucky House

Proposes $3.4 billion in work over next two years.


The Kentucky House has passed a transportation bill that calls for about $3.4 billion in projects over the next two years.

The debate turned partisan Tuesday when some ranking Republicans claimed that highway projects in GOP districts were pushed back.

They said Republicans were being punished for voting against a bill aimed at raising more than $300 million in new revenue to help balance the state's next general fund budget.

Democratic Rep. Sannie Overly said the uncertainty over whether Kentucky will receive another round of federal stimulus money led to some projects not being listed in the two-year plan.

Overly, head of the House budget subcommittee on transportation, said she didn't know if the projects that were stripped out were in Republican or Democratic districts.

The measure passed on a 67-32 vote. It now goes to the Republican-led Senate, which can put its imprint on the transportation measure.