SawGear to Stage Demonstrations at JLC Live Residential Construction Show

Users work faster and see 30% increase to their bottom line.

The Sawgear portable automated measuring systemNew Bedford Tool & Gauge Co.’s SawGear is making a meaningful difference to contractor productivity. SawGear; a tough, portable length measuring device that attaches to a miter saw, provides repeatable accurate cuts for contractors. Simply enter a cut dimension into the SawGear keypad, place the material against the rugged stop, and cut the board. Contracting crews experience performance gains with SawGear by working 25% to 35% faster; completing jobs more quickly, with lower costs, and less waste, giving them the ability to win more bids with higher quality workmanship.

SawGear can be used in many trades including: framing, finish, trim, siding, and cabinet installations. Contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada who are using SawGear report incredible impact to their productivity and bottom line. On average, the SawGear will enable contracting crews to work 30% faster with quicker cut measuring and better accuracy. This means that a 7-man crew will be 30% more productive, and contractors can save several thousand dollars per job. The SawGear typically pays for itself in a few weeks.

“When I first saw the SawGear, I was very skeptical of its claims to save me time and money, but I was proven wrong,” says Marv Ellis of MDR Construction, a 30-year verteran contractor. “It only took about 15-20 minutes to set it up on my saw stand and about a day to get fully accustomed to the new process. After that, I was shocked at how much time we saved. With 7 guys, we expected to be on the job for 20 days; however, with the SawGear, it only took 11 days. I’ll never go back to the old way of measuring and marking my trim.”

“We are thrilled that SawGear customers are experiencing significant productivity improvements, directly impacting their bottom lines,” said Brandon Vaughn, product marketing manager, SawGear. “In these tough econcomic times, we designed SawGear to give our customers a tool to make their jobs easier and more efficient while providing better accuracy.”

To hear what the professionals are saying about SawGear, and to watch a time lapse video demonstrating construction of a shed, one using SawGear and one without, go to

To receive a product demonstration at JLC Live Residential Construction Show, please visit booth #1034, March 26 -27, 2010, at the Rhode Island Convention Center. In addition, industry favorite, Mike Sloggatt, will use the SawGear during his training conferences at the Frame & Finish Clinic on the showroom floor.

SawGear is available with an 8 foot measuring bar for $2,195 or with a 12 foot measuring bar for $2,495. To purchase a SawGear, please visit or e-mail