StreamWorks Names ART Safety Exclusive Canadian Distributor for PlugsSafety

Successful debut of Zip-Outs prompts expansion of North American sales force.

StreamWorks Products Group, Inc. (SPG), renowned for developing innovative consumer products across several industries, has announced that its new PlugsSafety division, a cutting-edge line of patented hearing protection solutions, has contracted with ART Safety Inc. to be its exclusive Canadian distributor. This follows an expansion last November to establish a nationwide U.S. sales force following the extremely successful debut of the company's newest product, Zip-Outs.

"Having sales representation in Canada is a key element for continuing our growth and satisfying existing customer demand," said SPG co-founder and CEO Bill Brauner. "We decided to work with StreamWorks Products Group after receiving samples of the PlugsSafety Products at the World of Concrete conference in 2009. We were impressed by the unique solution these products represented for hearing protection," said Yuri Simonov, general manager of ART Safety, Inc. "We are proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor, and very happy with our partnership with StreamWorks Product Group."

After an overwhelmingly successful launch last year at the National Safety Council Expo in Orlando, followed by an international launch at the A+A Trade Fair in Germany, PlugsSafety was faced with boosting staff to keep up with numerous sales demands for Zip-Outs. PlugsSafety now has sales representation covering all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia with plans eventually to distribute Zip-Outs in more than 60 additional countries.

The patented Zip-Outs is a simple inexpensive device that installs in any hard hat in seconds and lasts the life of the hard hat. The product provides a retractable zip-out, zip-in tethering system to which ear plugs are attached to create "on call" hearing protection, thus ensuring safety compliance. The Zip-Outs device is extremely durable and attaches using a 3M peel and stick adhesive which has been tested in extreme temperatures and conditions. The tethering system is sold for under $5 US and comes with an initial pair of earplugs in a variety of styles. Once installed, Zip-Outs allow easy ear plug removal for replacement or cleaning.

Concurrent with the introduction of the Zip-Outs device, PlugsSafety also introduced its own line of proprietary ear plugs which meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements. The company's patented DuraFoam foam plugs are rated NRR 30 and its PermaPlug tri-flange co-molded plugs are rated NRR 25.

In addition, as part of its worldwide roll-out, PlugsSafety has received certifications and ratings on its plugs in numerous countries around the world. The company's proprietary replacement plugs are priced competitively with comparable plugs on the market and can be worn with or without the Zip-Outs device. In addition to ensuring safety compliance, Zip-Outs can significantly reduce the cost of hearing protection by minimizing waste and unnecessary single usage.

PlugsSafety also manufacturers a line of ball caps with a similar tethered hearing protection delivery system, and are available either plain or with custom embroidery.

According to Joseph Smith, a construction safety manager for First Solar, Inc., "Zip-Outs have taken one of the most time consuming items out of my safety team's day. We no longer have to run around a project site carrying pocketfuls of ear plugs. When we get our hard hats in we simply place the Zip-Outs in and at orientation we demo how to use the product and how to replace them when not in use. Every associate we have loves the fact that they do not have to look for their ear plugs or wonder if they forgot them when they go in the field."

PlugsSafety's patented Zip-Outs and proprietary ear plugs can be purchased through PlugsSafety sales representatives and select distributors around the world. For more information or to place orders, call 866-536-PLUG or visit