Ohio DOT Kicks Off $2 Billion Construction Season

ODOT expects to secure or create more than 50,000 jobs.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is kicking off its construction season with a bang. It will be awarding two billion dollars in construction projects across the state that will reach every county. ODOT District Five employees, which covers five local counties, made the exciting announcement this morning at its headquarters in Jacksontown.

"This is truly a celebration for the state of Ohio because this is the largest transportation construction season in state history, " says an ODOT employee.

Local officials say its something Ohio desperately needs.

"Anytime you can get better road service, especially this past winter-the hard winter we had-all of our roads are in pretty poor condition. So, anything we can get will help, " says Muskingum County Commissioner Jerry Lavy.

54 projects, totaling 60 million dollars is coming to District 5. Some of that money will go toward an Interstate 70 project, right here in Muskingum County,

"We will be resurfacing sections of Interstate 70 so you'll have a smoother, a safer ride. So, that's always important for our motorists, " says ODOT spokeswoman, Kate Stickle.

Yet, ODOT says it's not just about the construction. It's about "igniting Ohio's economic engine," and it needs workers to get the job done.

"There are companies, some of these local companies, that are going to be employing our local people, " says Lavy.

ODOT says for every one billion dollars it invests in construction projects, it will secure or create about 28 thousand jobs.

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