Bosch unveils 70 new tools

2010 Bosch press event wows the crowd.

It is tough enough to keep an editor's attention for two hours, much less two full days, but Bosch did just that at its 2010 Global Leadership Tour press conference last Wednesday and Thursday, June 2 and 3.

At its U.S. headquarters in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, Bosch hosted three dozen leading and not so leading editors for two full days of product introductions, hands-on demonstrations and relationship-building activities that showcased some of the 70 new tools it is unleashing on the US market this year.

Some products have already been released but many more are waiting just off-stage, set to ship this month and pretty much every month through the rest of the year.

For numerous reasons, tool manufacturers most often make incremental improvements to their lines, and this is is doubly true during recessions when R&D dollars and Euros are tighter than ever. Bosch fleshed out a number of lines but also introduced all-new ones.

Following its long-term view of market development, Bosch representatives said the company invested a record nine (9) percent of its operating budget in 2009 on new product development. And the results were on full display.

Look ma, no rails! The new GCM12SD 12” Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw from Bosch uses a butter-smooth Axial Glide system. Certainly one of the most spectacular introductions is the radical new Model GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw. This innovative 12-inch tool features a truly unique "glide" system that entirely replaces the rails commonly found on sliding miters. The resulting technology achives not only a virtually silent, butter-smooth gliding motion through cuts but also reduces the headroom required behind the saw to virtually nothing. The glide motion is so smooth and effortless in fact that Bosch has installed a customizable damping system to add drag to the glide for contractors who may feel that the glide system is too responsive.

Naturally, the saw features numerous other Bosch bells and whistles, including table extensions that are so cleverly integrated into the saw design that users often need to have them pointed out.

Price point on the saw is expected to be around $699, rather a bargain for those who demand nothing but the best. If you are looking for a new top-line tool with maximum wow-factor, this is it.

For more information on the Bosch GCM12SD 12” Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw, click here.

Rockin' the job site

The Bosch Power Box 360 S shown here will soon be joined by a more powerful big brother with a backlit display, SIRIUS radio port and remote control. Not content to rest on the impressive sound of the 20-watt Blaupunkt amp and full-surround/subwoofer design of its Power Box 360S, Bosch also tossed out — literally — its new 360D PowerBox. With  five times the sound output of ithe 360S, the 360D also features upgrades including a Sirius Radio port, Bosch-blue illumination on the control panel and an exclusive remote control. 

At the press event, writers were invited to play Guitar Hero using the 360D as a speaker system. And to demonstrate its job site toughness, Bosch showed a video of staffers lobbing a working model off the top of their two-plus story headquarters building. To drive the point home, editors were also encouraged to toss a playing unit off the top of a six-foot warehouse ladder and literally watch the music bounce across the pavement — with no loss of performance.

Click here to learn more about the new PowerBox 360 models.

Big power, small package

The Bosch PS31 2-speed ultra-compact drill driver has 265 inch-pounds of torque but weighs just 2.1 pounds. Editors at the press event had a blast driving deck screws and lag bolts into 4x pine with the new PS31 2-speed Ultra-Compact Drill/Driver.

It features upgraded 12-volt Max performance with a standard 3/8” chuck, the shortest height (7”) and the shortest head length (7.04”) of any standard-chuck drill/driver, yet is still 20 percent more powerful (265 inch pounds of torque) than the competition.

The PS31 also comes in as the lightest tool in its class at 2.1 pounds. That means all-day comfort and unparalleled maneuverability, especially when working in cramped quarters.

Click here for a full release on the PS31.

Sighting it in

The Bosch GLR 825 laser range finder. Another eye-opener at the press event was the announcement of the new GLR 500 and GLR 825 laser range finders. With ranges of 500 and 825 feet respectively, the new models are accurate to within 1 millimeter (0.04inch). 

The GLR500 and the GLR825 can deliver 11 types of measurements — length, area, volume, minimum/maximum, continuous, indirect length, double indirect, combined indirect, stake out, trapezoid, multi-surface area and timed measurement. Both tools have enough built-in memory to store up to 30 individual measurements and results.

With a maximum range of 825 feet, the’s GLR825 features a 1.6x magnification viewfinder for precision laser sighting in long-range or outdoor applications, even in brightly lit environments.

Both units, including their battery compartments, are IP54 protected against dust and water.

Both models will be available in July at equally eye-opening price points.

Click here for a full release on the GLR 500 and GLR 825 laser range finders.

Speed-X arrives

First seen at the World of Concrete, Bosch Speed-X hammer carbide drills concrete 20% faster, lives 18% longer and is now shipping to distributors.

Bosch Speed-X bits drill concrete 20 percent faster and last 18 percent longer.Holes start precisely, thanks to the centric carbide tip, and begin quickly as the innovative inclined side cutters power their way into concrete. As holes progress, the Speed-X really begins to shine. By utilizing a shortened head design and enlarged dust-clearing channels, Speed-X actually performs better as holes get deeper.

Even a novice with a rotary hammer, such as your editor, was able to start and drill holes with relative ease. And, true to advertising, the bits do indeed pull faster the deeper they get.

Speed-X will first be available (in limited distribution) in both SDS-Max and splined versions and in a variety of popular sizes beginning this June. Speed-X will be available through authorized dealers nationwide this fall.

Click here for a complete release on Speed-X bits.

Meet Joe the Pro

Last but not least, Bosch introduced a new spokes-contractor in the person of Joe "The Pro" Sainz, a Chicago-area contractor who will be the new "face" of Bosch tools.  Joe provided selling tips on many of the new Bosch accessories introduced at the press event and mingled with writers over the two days. He knows his stuff and will relate well with contractors looking for usage tips and distributors looking for selling tips on new products.

This summer Joe will travel to jobsites, power tools dealerships and events all over the United States. The Joe the Pro tour begins with the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta this August.

From there, Joe the Pro will head to the 2010 STAFDA Convention this November in Phoenix. In between, Joe will attend dealer events, visit jobsites and talk with the media throughout the nation – sharing stories, handing out product samples and demonstrating new techniques.

Worth the trip

Bosch rounded out the informational event with teambuilding events and networking opportunities, including a bean bag competition, a cook-out, giveaways of Flip video cameras, an Apple iPad and dinner at the House of Blues. Overall the event was very well-paced and engaging, no small feat when you ask editors from across the country to give up nearly a full work week, including travel time. The staffs at Bosch and their agency Strata-G deserve a round of thanks for their excellent work in producing and pulling off a highly worthwhile event, particularly in the face of uncooperative weather.

Much more to come

The above products are a mere sampling of the new introductions on the way yet this year from Bosch. Editors at the press event were sworn to secrecy about certain products, but rest assured, Contractor Supply will let you know about them as soon as Bosch lets us. Stay tuned!