Stanley launches a workshop's worth of new tools

And a workshop, too: Annual press event introduces dozens of new tools and line extensions.

Stanley managers had some fun with their ever-longer list of brands last week at their annual new product launch event for the press. Held at the Westin New York Hotel at Times Square last Thursday June 17, the annual event showcased several dozen all new tools, lines and line extensions across four key brands: Stanley, Bostitch, DeWalt and Porter-Cable.

The event introduced enough new tools to fill a nice workshop. And, just for good measure, Stanley threw in a new "workshop," too.

The June 17 event focused on hand and pneumatic tools. It will be followed this week (June 23 and 24) by a special event in Towson, Maryland which will focus on DeWalt and Porter-Cable power tool introductions for the coming quarters. Watch ContractorSupply next week for our report on that event as well.

Now that Stanley-Bostich and DeWalt/P-C are merged, managers admitted they have a few challenges, but many more opportunities going foreward -- regarding which new product innovations to label under which brand. Keeping the brands distinct going forward will be just one challenge for the still-integrating marketing arms of the respective companies. However, Stanley managers assured the press that although there will be cross-brand marketing and product development where "the shoe fits," each brand will continue to have its own discrete R&D teams and budgets, primarily to drive continued innovation. 

And innovation remains a leading priority for the companies. Chris Dutra, vice president of U.S. Sales for the Stanley Works promised as much, and also had a few words for the assembled press: Be watchful in coming months for weaker levels of new product innovation from some industry players. New products have an 18- to 36-month cycle from concept to market, he told press attendees. Companies that cut back on R&D during the recession will have little in the way of new products to show in the coming year. Not so, with Stanley, he said.

Although some new products are "embargoed" for press coverage until closer to their Q3 and Q4 launch dates, Stanley still gave editors plenty to talk about. As previously mentioned, the new products were rolled out across four key brands: Stanley, Bostitch, DeWalt and Porter-Cable. Here are some highlights from each.

The Stanley 10-707 retractable blade utility knife.
The Stanley model 10-230 utility cutter.
The Stanley model 020586R Rolling Workshop.
The Stanley/Bailey 5-piece chisel set (16-401) is manufactured in Sheffield, England,


The company that invented the utility knife still loves them and introduced two new models at the press conference. The model 10-705 fixed blade utility knife and model 10-707 retractable knife share some common attributes including an all-metal design that features a narrow nose for cutting accuracy, a "knuckle-saver" design, tool-free body and in-knife blade storage. 

Strategic Business Unit Leader Stephen Skeels introduced the new Stanley model 10-230 utility cutter, saying, “Versatility is the key benefit of the new Stanley utility cutter. Thanks to a wide one-inch opening, it can tackle a variety of applications such as cutting dowel rods, pruning trees, slicing tubing and making clean, decisive cuts into a wide variety of other materials.”

The new cutter  accepts standard utility blades, which are widely available at many retailers. It also features on-board storage for up to five blades. 

Stanley also has a strong interest in tool storage. Its new model 020586R Rolling Workshop set more than one editor adrool with its clever three-drawer design.

Three separate sections work together to provide one functional storage solution. The bottom bin, which is attached to the chassis, opens up to form a workstation with full access to large objects such as power tools or extension cords.

The second compartment, a rolling tray (also attached), is a shallow drawer for storing and/or organizing small objects such as hand tools, accessories and small parts. Both compartments glide open and close smoothly thanks to a ball bearing slide design.

On top is a toolbox that detaches with a simple push of a button to allow contractors to detach the toolbox and go in a flash. The top box also contains a portable tray to help stay organized.

A telescopic steel handle and large-diameter wheels make navigation easy. Durability features include thick plastic connectors, heavy-duty rust-proof metal latches and a galvanized metal body for reliable performance and durability during outdoor use. 

The Rolling Workshop also serves as a portable work station. The top of the lid features a V-groove track that can help secure materials such as lumber, pipe and other materials for quick sawing and/or cutting. It can also double as a work surface when necessary.

In a nod to its woodworking heritage, Stanley also introduced new Sweetheart and Bailey bench chisel and chisel set lines, and a new No. 92 Sweetheart premium shoulder plane. 

The No. 92 features a thick blade, constructed from A2 steel, which is far superior to high carbon steel because of its ability to hold a sharper edge for an extended period of time. Its heavy durable body is investment cast to help reduce chatter and dampen vibration. Additionally, its precision-machined base provides the accuracy and performance that advanced woodworkers expect from a premium hand plane.

The model 10-501 Bostitch twin blade knife.
The Bostitch 51-858 Anti-Vibe hammer.
The Bostitch model 43-723 clamping level.
The Bostitch 55-501 spring steel demolition bar.
The Bostitch model CAP1512-OF TrimAir compressor.
The Bostitch model GF28WW is the world’s first cordless 28-degree wire-weld framing nailer.
The Bostitch model GFN1664K 16-gauge straight finish nailer


Continuing the expansion of its dedicated hand tool line, Bostitch announced the introduction of the latest innovation in the cutting tools category – the world’s first twin blade utility knife. The model 10-501 Bostitch twin blade knife allows the user to switch between a hooked blade and a standard blade simply by retracting one blade and extending the other without changing a thing. The knife’s InstantChange feature allows the user to replace a blade in seconds.

It features easy-access blade storage for up to nine extra blades and rubber comfort grips on both the top and bottom of the knife.

Another hand tool innovation is the new Bostitch AntiVibe hammer. Its patented oversized strike face is 75% larger than those of traditional hammers.

Patented torsion control stabilizers reduce arm twisting fatigue; especially when compared to standard one-piece hammers.

The line includes six new hammers in curved and rip claw designs ranging from 16 to 28 ounces. 

Bostitch also introduced the world’s first line of clamping levels – models 43-723 and 43-727. An integrated clamp design grabs the work with aggressive teeth for hands-free use. The clamps are driven by inter-wound torsion springs for an unprecedented lockdown onto the work-piece. The new clamping level can accommodate 2X dimensional lumber (1-1/2”) as well as 4X dimensional lumber (3-1/2”) for a variety of residential and commercial construction applications.

As part of its new hand tool launch, Bostitch is offering a 100-year limited warranty on its complete line of hands tools (pneumatic tools, compressors, and accessories fall under the previous warranty).

Other new Bostitch hand tools include a new line of 24- and 36-inch spring steel demolition bars that are 30 percent lighter than previous Stanley demolition bars and a new Bostitch tape rule with an industry-leading 13 feet of standout and a patented oversized hook. This innovative hooking surface is 150% larger than traditional tape rules for fast, hassle-free measurements to help contractors grab materials from long distances.

On the pneumatic side, the all-new Bostitch model CAP1512-OF TrimAir compressor sets a new standard for power, weight and portability. Touting a 1.5-hp motor, the CAP1512-OF is the most powerful lightweight compressor in its class (only 23.5 pounds). Delivering up to 2.8 CFM at 90 PSI, this unit provides a 150 PSI max operating pressure, which can drive two finish nailers simultaneously. Its powerful pump recovers in less than 10 seconds.

New pneumatic nailers and staplers from Bostitch are also in the pipeline, but they are not due until later this year. We could tell you about them now, but then Stanley would have to kill us.

However, the bigger news is on the cordless finishing front. 

The press event served as the offical launch party for the GF28WW, the world’s first cordless 28-degree wire-weld framing nailer. Product Manager Dennis Danville said, “Our new cordless framing nailer offers professional contractors the best of both worlds … the freedom of a cordless nailer combined with the ability to drive full round head wire-weld framing nails.”

The GF28WW can also drive wire-weld clipped-head nails without any conversion required.

It weighs only 7.7 pounds with battery and has an over-molded grip to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue during overhead applications or prolonged use. Bostitch engineers redistributed the tool’s weight and developing an in-line battery design which "actually feels lighter than it is … especially after a long day of heavy use,” said Danville.

The GF28WW gas-powered framing nailer uses a 7.2 volt Ni-Cd battery to create the combustion that drives a full range of framing nails between 2- to 3-1/2 inches in length (.113 to .131 in diameter). Its one-hour battery charger helps to reduce downtime by recharging the battery quickly and efficiently.

The GF28WW's fuel cell, which is expected to drive approximately 1,200 nails per canister under normal operating conditions, also has a convertible valve module to offer compatibility with Paslode, Senco and Hitachi cordless framing nailers as well.

The model GF28WW features a depth of drive adjustment, which allows the user to set nails to desired depths with a few easy hex key adjustments (hex key is stored in the magazine).

With a magazine capacity of 55 nails, the GF28WW’s low nail lockout helps to prevent the tool from dry-firing, which alerts the user that it is time to reload fasteners. This prolongs tool life and helps to avoid unnecessary re-work when productivity counts.

Bostitch also introduced three cordless finish nailers including the model GFN1564K, a 15 gauge finish nailer. Weighing only 4.2 pounds (with battery), this tool drives FN-style angled finish nails ranging between 1-1/4 and 2-1/2 inches.

Its baby brother, the model GFN1664K 16-gauge straight finish nailer, weighs only four pounds (with battery) and drives finish nails ranging between 1-1/4 and 2-1/2 inches.

Finally, the model GBT1850K 18-gauge brad nailer weighs only four pounds (with battery) and accepts fasteners ranging between 5/8 and 2 inches in length.

Each tool has a tool-free adjustable depth guide for precisely setting nails at desired depths and a low-nail lock-out that stops the tool from firing once the magazine empties the nail reserve.


DeWalt's Quadraport Regulated Line Splitter.

The lone new product introduction for DeWalt at this event was an air compressor accessory. The new DeWalt Quadraport Regulated Line Splitter (model D55040) is designed for professional framers, roofers, trim carpenters, automotive types and other contractors who regularly use an air compressor on the jobsite.

“After spending a significant amount of time on jobsites talking to professionals about their needs in a line splitter, we realized that there was a tremendous opportunity to develop a solution that would better meet contractors’ demands,” said James Vintzel, Group Product Manager for DeWalt. “The Quadraport will exceed contractors’ expectations when it comes to durability, performance and ease of use.”

The new model features field-tested innovations that are designed to solve the common issues associated with the line splitters that contractors currently use, including pressure drops, inaccurate readings and durability problems.

The D55040 features an impact-resistant resin body, liquid-filled gauge and robust handle to ensure that the product can withstand jobsite abuse. Additionally, the handles and sidebars have been strategically positioned to protect the couplers and the plug for added resilience to high impact drops.

To ensure that the Quadraport meets contractors’ needs and high performance standards, the product encourages splitting near the jobsite by using a 3/8-inch inlet fitting, and the gauge allows users to retrieve a PSI reading close to the tool.

For added flexibility, the regulator permits two different pressures at the jobsite, and the Quadraport is factory assembled and tested to guarantee that there are no leaks or pressure drops.

The universal couplers accept the three major plug styles, and hang holes allow contractors to easily hang the product for maximum ease of use.


The Porter-Cable C2004-WK 165-psi four-gallon compressor.
The Porter-Cable model PIN138 23-gauge 1-3/8-inch Pin Nailer.

Missing in action since DeWalt acquired it some time ago, the Porter-Cable brand resurfaces with two new pneumatic products for starters, with more new power tool product introductions promised for later this week in Towson.

First up, the Porter-Cable C2004-WK 165-psi four-gallon compressor packs more useable air than previous P-C models (165 pounds per square inch) and has faster recovery (2.6 standard cubic feet per minute) bundled into a lighter weight, easier to carry package, while reducing operation noise levels. This compact unit compares to six-gallon tank compressors and supports up to three nailers without compromising professional performance.

Weighing a best-in-class 29 pounds and featuring a 20 percent more compact size than previous P-C models, the C2004-WK is the most portable pancake air compressor on the market.

The unit also has an ergonomic handle design located six-inches from the side making the unit easy to transport. In addition, redesigned components and added noise reduction material drops the sound level to an industry tested 75.5 decibels (dBA), making it 30 percent quieter than other P-C models.

Manufactured in Jackson, TN, with domestic and foreign materials, the C2004-WK features an enhanced ball drain valve that provides easy drainage of moisture.

The other P-C launch here was the sweet little model PIN138 23-gauge 1-3/8-inch Pin Nailer. The PIN138 meets the needs of professionals and serious woodworkers who are looking for nearly invisible fastening as well as for materials that would normally split using larger tools. 

Designed with a “Maintenance-Free Long Life” motor, the PIN138 requires no oil to be added to the tool. The motor utilizes a dual-stack ring system where the outer ring is designed to minimize internal friction, resulting in longer tool life and reducing the possibility of work surface oil contamination.

The PIN138 is designed to counter-sink a 1-3/8-inch nail into hard materials like oak and provides the option of using headless and slight-headed 23-guage pin nails. 

Whew! had enough? That's all for this week from Stanley Bostitch DeWalt Porter-Cable. Watch next week for our update on all the new DeWalt and Porter-Cable power tools coming yet this year.

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