White Paper: Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an ERP Solution

Find out what made the 2010 ERP Checklist for Finance, Manufacturing and Operations professionals.

The seas of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are vast, and navigating the rocky
waters of the current market is no simple task. The many midmarket ERP vendors all
want your company’s business — in fact, Boston-based AMR Research calls it a “buyer’s
market” — and they will try their best to dazzle you with spectacular product demos
and enticing promises of a smooth-sailing deployment.

Don’t be fooled. Midmarket ERP offerings may be scaled down to meet the
requirements particular to midmarket companies, but that doesn’t change the
inherently complex — and expensive — nature of enterprisewide technology that
links together many disparate business processes. To make sure that you choose wisely
when committing to an ERP solution, ask at least these 10 questions when researching
vendors and their products.

Topics include:

  • What ERP modules other midmarket and enterprise firms buy, and which they find they don't need
  • Also learn which ERP solution has the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Whether to stick with your current business applications vendor
  • What to do about legacy ERP systems; and much more.

Have a successful 2010 with an ERP solution that will grow with your company.

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