Menu launches first construction app for iPad

“Mobile PlanRoom” provides multi-user information management system for iPad. (BIL) has announced the launch of its Mobile PlanRoom ‘App’ for the iPad, the first construction industry App designed specifically for the iPad. 

Now available at the Apple App store, Mobile PlanRoom provides contractors, engineers, and architects easy multi-user access to all of any given project’s construction drawings, specifications, notes, contracts, and other related documents – all from the convenience of the iPad. 

“We’re very excited about the launch of our iPad application,” said Marcus Linden, President and COO of Construction Connect, the company behind  “We know what it means to be shuttling back and forth between sites during a construction project and what a hassle it can be to access drawings, plans and other information at the speed you really need to.  Apple’s iPad technology is an ideal workspace to view every document or image that relates a project in a portable manner so that it is literally at your fingertips.”

“We’re proud to be able to offer construction professionals of all levels the opportunity to share information instantly and on demand,” added Chris Ross, founder and CEO of Construction connect and  “It’s not just the convenience of the iPad that makes our Mobile PlanRoom special – it’s the time and money that contractors and subcontractors can save during the communication process.”

With Mobile PlanRoom, drawings and other construction documents are first uploaded to the intuitive site.  They can then be easily accessed via any iPad, or via the internet., an existing online construction document management  tool, allows all parties involved with a construction project to share information.  This prevents architects or general contractors from having to email large ZIP files of hundreds of PDF drawings to 30 or 40 participants in a project. 

“Another benefit of and the Mobile PlanRoom app,” added Linden, “is that the person in charge of a project no longer has to worry about outdated drawings being used by a subcontractor once newer versions are issued during construction.  With, the general contractor simply posts the most current drawings and invites all participants to the project, so everyone is literally on the same page.” 

The Mobile PlanRoom App gives iPad users a much better way to view drawings than carrying around a 20 lb set of drawings that cost $200 to print. “Think of it this way,” said Linden, “ is the document management tool and Mobile PlanRoom is our mobile extension.  It lets you easily and powerfully use your drawings when not in the office – but without the paper.  It’s truly transformational, the excitement and feedback so far have been incredible.”