Orion Energy Systems wins product of the year

Apollo solar light pipe can take customers off the grid for up to 10 hours a day.

Orion Energy Systems Inc. has won the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Professional Engineers in Industry’s 2010 Product of the Year award for the direct-renewable Apollo solar light pipe.MANITOWOC, Wis. — Orion Energy Systems Inc. (NYSE Amex: OESX) was honored with the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)-Professional Engineers in Industry's 2010 Product of the Year award for the power technology enterprise's direct renewable Apollo solar light pipe.

Orion won the award in the large company category, which was open to businesses with 200 to 9,999 employees. Orion currently employs about 240 workers. Orion won an NSPE award in 2007 for its Compact Modular lighting platform, which is designed to reduce energy consumption and costs by 50 percent when replacing inefficient high-intensity discharge lighting.

The commercial-grade Apollo solar light pipe harvests daylight and directs it to the work area of a facility using no electricity. When integrated with a facility's lighting systems and ambient light sensors, and when illumination levels from the light pipes reach a desired point, electric lights will automatically shut off, all or in part until needed again.

"We are honored to be recognized by NSPE, the nationally respected voice of professional engineers, and to be a winner in the company of Walt Disney World, one of the most innovative companies of our time," said Mike Potts, Orion's executive vice president. "This award is a reflection of a technology in which the conversion of energy is eliminated. The Apollo solar light pipe brings light into a facility in its purest form, bypassing the distribution and transmission system. The result is improved lighting and reduced energy costs."

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts won the NSPE Product of the Year award in the mega company category. Other winners include Team Consulting in the medium company category and Uraseal Inc. in the small company category.

The Apollo® light pipe has been deployed at some of Orion's largest customers, including Coca-Cola Enterprises, Sysco Foods, MillerCoors and Apple. The U.S. Army recently installed more than 1,300 Apollo solar light pipes at Fort Bliss, the Army's second largest base, located in El Paso, Texas.

In addition to the environmental and cost-saving benefits, the Apollo solar light pipe can positively affect employees' moral and productivity. Advantages of the natural light provided by the light pipes include reduced worker illness and injury, enhanced worker productivity, improved visual acuity, reduced eyestrain and fewer headaches.

Orion's Apollo solar light pipe has been recognized by Plant Engineering with the publication's 2008 Product of the Year Grand Award and with the prestigious Platts Global Energy Award, described by Platts as the single most innovative technology advancement in the area of green technology.

The Apollo solar light pipe is part of a suite of energy management technologies and services that deliver permanent distributed load reductions, including its Compact Modular high-intensity fluorescent and LED high-bay series lighting platforms, InteLite® dynamic sensor and control systems, Solyndra photovoltaic panels, and demand response services — all designed to save customers money, increase light levels, reduce load on the grid and decrease harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Orion has deployed its energy management systems in 5,612 facilities across North America, including 120 of the Fortune 500 companies. Since 2001, Orion technology has displaced more than 527 megawatts, saving customers more than $856 million and reducing indirect carbon dioxide emissions by 7.3 million tons.

Orion Energy Systems Inc. (NYSE Amex: OESX) is a leading power technology enterprise that designs, manufactures and deploys energy management systems, consisting primarily of high-performance, energy-efficient lighting platforms, intelligent wireless control systems and direct renewable solar technology for commercial and industrial customers without compromising their operations. For more information, visit