LIQUID NAILS offers products that meet environmental standards

Adhesive products meet LEED and NAHB green building standards.

For contractors who require products that help them meet personal quality craftsmanship goals and contribute to environmental sustainability, LIQUID NAILS Adhesive is ready to answer the challenge.


The adhesive manufacturer has more than 50 low-VOC (volatile organic compound) products in its product line, most of which meet requirements for credit under the U.S. Green Building Council LEED and NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) green building programs. There are also a number of LIQUID NAILS Adhesive products that are certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute as being low-emitting materials that contribute to improved indoor air quality.

"With increasingly lower VOC compliance limits on the horizon, LIQUID NAILS Adhesive is staying ahead of the curve," said Mark Stypczynski, LIQUID NAILS Adhesive manager of technical development.

In staying ahead of new regulations, LIQUID NAILS Adhesive is part of the American Coatings Association's Caulk, Sealant and Adhesive Committee, which monitors regulatory activities in all states and on a federal level.

Through the committee, LIQUID NAILS Adhesive works with regulators on the development of sensible regulations that are good for the environment and provide the industry with the ability to create products that are functional and long lasting.

In addition, LIQUID NAILS Adhesive is regularly evaluating new technologies and raw materials that enable it to provide products that are safer to use and less harmful to the environment than previous products. These products continue to provide the durability and longevity that has become the hallmark of the LIQUID NAILS Brand.

In the past year, LIQUID NAILS Adhesive removed phthalate plasticizers from all of its products. A significant portion of the product line has shifted from rubber/solvent-based to latex-based formulations, providing a safer working environment for users, as well as lower solvent emissions into the air, while maintaining or improving product performance.

Included on the LIQUID NAILS Adhesive green building tools list are the new extreme temperature Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive (LNP-902), Drywall Adhesive (DWP-24), Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive (LNP-903), Marble & Granite and Solid Surface Materials Adhesive (LN-933) and Wood Projects Construction Adhesive (LN-740).

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Since 1962, the LIQUID NAILS Adhesive brand has offered a full-line of construction adhesives and caulks to do-it-yourselfers and professionals. Part of AkzoNobel and its U.S. Decorative Paints business, LIQUID NAILS Adhesive is available in home improvement retail stores and commercial distributor locations nationwide. For more information, visit the Web site at