SolaHD publishes power quality guidebook

Helps professionals solve key power quality problems.

Industrial environments depend on electronic equipment to succeed in today's highly competitive, efficiency-driven business world. However, these sensitive components require clean and stable electrical quality to perform properly.


SolaHD has published a new "Power Quality Guidebook" that equips professionals with the latest engineering techniques for providing power quality to manufacturing facilities. This 24-page color guide serves as a solutions-oriented tutorial for solving key power quality problems such as voltage surges, power interruptions, brownouts, sags, transients, harmonics and electrical noise that may damage equipment or corrupt valuable data. SolaHD pairs each problem with a specific product to assure optimal manufacturing performance and protection, taking readers step-by-step through its Active Tracking® filters and surge protective devices, power conditioners, UPS systems, drive isolation transformers and line reactors.

For a better understanding as to how to analyze, predict, and mitigate the severe disturbances, the guide also has an extensive FAQ section and educational glossary.

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