Rubbermaid announces partnership with recycling organizations of North America

Multi-year commitment will boost waste diversion, promote corporate commitment and responsibility and offer discounts on over 400+ products.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), the leader in durable facility maintenance solutions based in Winchester, Va., has signed a charter partnership agreement with the Recycling Organizations of North America. (RONA). Rubbermaid has made a multi-year commitment to boost waste diversion, promote corporate commitment and responsibility, and offer discounts on over 400+ products. Rubbermaid has also established a procurement relationship with major North American distributors that will provide RONA affiliates substantial discounts off of list price.

The Recycling Organizations of North America welcomed its first commercial-sector sponsor with the anticipation that it would be the first of many industry and organizational partners. John Frederick, Founding Board member commented on the prospects for additional sponsors by stating: "As part of RONA's philosophical approach to be as inclusive as possible, our leadership hopes to engage as many sponsors and partners as possible. We believe that such partnerships will be wins for RONA, for RONA's organizational members and the sponsors for which business will be generated.

Recycling containers and other types of collection equipment rate as a top priority for program managers seeking to improve their local government and institutional recycling programs. In addition, recycling rates continue to increase. According to the EPA, the recycling rate is currently at 33.2% based on 2008 figures so the need for improved collection containers and strategies will continue to increase diversion rates.

"Rubbermaid commercial products can assist RONA members and their affiliates with their goals of sustaining and enhancing recycling and waste across North America," said Corey Rodriguez, National Segment Manager - Property Management & Institutional for Rubbermaid Commercial Products. "We are proud to be the first commercial-sector sponsor with RONA and share their common goal of recycling and waste reduction in North America."

In addition to the discount program, Rubbermaid has begun working through RONA's university group to pilot several new programs at colleges and other institutional groups. RONA and Rubbermaid are working together on take-back programs for spent containers, better container design and production, and best management practices to share. A survey is underway to advance these projects regionally and across institutional types. The survey can be accessed at: "We are excited see this high level of collaboration among Rubbermaid Commercial Products and local government, higher education and other institutions" said Marjorie Griek, RONA Board member. "This partnership also holds great potential for other RONA affiliates seeking superior collection equipment and proven operational experience."

A procurement platform has been created on the RONA website that allows RONA affiliates and members of their organizations to "shop" for over 400 discounted products. Orders are forwarded to Rubbermaid's authorized distributors for actual processing and payment. A portion of sales will benefit RONA. For more information about this purchasing system and other aspects of the partnership visit