NACB schedules crane safety training courses

Will focus on the new OSHA Construction Safety Standard 1926.1400.

The Department of Labor /OSHA has made changes to the Cranes & Derricks standard this year.  These changes take effect on November 8, and the changes are vital to industry safety.  The North American Crane Bureau is offering  accelerated, convenient Rigging Safety and Signal Person Training, and a one-day Management Awareness class, to help insure that contractors can get up to speed as quickly as possible on these new regulations.
Courses will be offered in different cities throughout October and November. Visit the Web site for the location nearest to you.
 Rigging Safety Course: (Qualified Rigger)- 3 days (2 days classroom/1 day hands-on testing), $795/student
Covers rigging hardware, rope slings, load configuration and load positioning.

Signal Person Training: (Qualified Signal Person)-2 days (1 day classrom / 1 day hands-on testing), $495/student  
Covers job site communication, crane operations and limitations, fall protection, crane hand signals and crane voice signals.

Combine both classes above for $1160.00 
Crane Management Safety Awareness Cpourse: One day, $495/student
Covers key hazards, crane assembly/disassembly, qualified riggers, power line safety, qualification/cert of operators, use of synthetic slings, qualified signalpersons, inspection of tower cranes and ground conditions.
To learn more, call 800-654-5640