Swanson Launches Social Media Sites

Debuts social media effort on four sites.

After studying the phenomenon for several months, Swanson Tool Company has launched a suite of social media networking sites. "There's no question that a significant number of consumers, retailers and professionals are using social media sites to get information fast, on their mobile devices and in their preferred format," said Dennis Hale, Swanson's VP of sales and marketing. "But we didn't want to jump in before we had a strategy for making our presence relevant, timely and, most important, helpful for our customers. We believe we've done that now."

The new sites – on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube – will be used to speed product and company information to those who request it. Beneficiaries will include Swanson's millions of tool users and their hundreds of retailers, dealers and representatives. The press is encouraged to join in too.

"But the most exciting aspect of these efforts is that, now our customers, whether they are users or sellers, will be able to ask questions and provide critical input to our new product needs and design, our merchandising and our sales programs – and faster than ever before," Hale said. "We invite everyone to link-up with us, and not to be shy about telling us anything that's on your mind."

Swanson's new sites will also offer contests and promotions, videos showing product features and how to use them and user-suggested content too. Following are the links to Swanson's new sites:

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