Pro Torque Tools Partners with Bongo International

Seeks to meet needs of expanding global hand tools market.

Company offers expanded international shipping and payment options for wrenches and screwdrivers from CDI Torque Products and J.H. Williams.

Pro Torque Tools, a leading online CDI Torque Products and J.H. Williams torque wrench and screwdriver distributor, has partnered with shipping giant Bongo International to better serve the needs of emerging international markets. Pro Torque Tools offers its customers expanded and flexible options for doing business by providing four international shipping options, handling offline orders and accepting wire transfer payments.

UPS worldwide shipping is available for credit card and Paypal orders. The Pro Torque Tools system will connect with UPS during the checkout process to determine transportation options and costs to ship directly to the international address. Bongo International freight-forwarding account holders can link to their existing information to have orders sent to their assigned domestic address and then forwarded at their discretion. For companies without a Bongo account, Pro Torque Tools will utilize their own Bongo freight forwarding account to provide a custom price quote including freight costs. Additionally, customers can use their existing account information for freight forwarding services.

The Pro Torque Tools ( online store is able to provide the right solution for every torque need by offering a wide variety of torque products for personal and commercial applications, all with high-quality body construction for long-lasting durability. Dial torque wrenches come in dual scale, English and Newton meter single scale, electric signaling and electronic dial models. Many micrometer or micro-adjustable torque wrenches, including dual scale and single scale models, also are available.

Additional in-stock inventory includes preset torque wrenches, ideal for assembly line or other repetitive applications, which come preset at the desired foot or inch pounds or Newton meter setting required for the job. Pro Torque Tools is one of the world’s largest sellers of CDI micro adjustable torque screwdrivers for light-duty applications when the project requires varying torque values.

Bongo International ( provides international shipping of American products through mail forwarding and parcel forwarding services. Based on its volume, the company partners with DHL International for worldwide shipments; cost savings are passed on to customers. By assigning Bongo account holders a centralized U.S. staging point, parcels can be shipped domestically to one location, stored and shipped in bulk along with items from other Bongo customers to save both time and money. 

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