MovinCool Announces 'Stay Cool in Winter' Rebate Offer

Rebate program runs through February 28, 2011.

In cold-weather months, when buildings turn up the thermostats on their HVAC systems to keep occupants warm, the IT equipment in server and telecom rooms can overheat, often causing hardware failures, costly damage or — even more costly — system downtime.

With this issue in mind, MovinCool has announced a "Stay Cool in Winter" rebate offer for its CM25 and CM12 ceiling-mounted air conditioners. These compact, self-contained units are specifically designed to keep server and telecom rooms cool throughout the entire year, regardless of the temperature in the rest of the building. The rebate offer also applies to the MovinCool Classic 10 model, a portable spot air conditioner that can be quickly rolled in, plugged in and turned on, any time it is needed.

Under the "Stay Cool in Winter" rebate program, MovinCool customers (excluding resellers) who purchase a CM25 unit on or before February 28, 2011, will receive a $300 rebate gift card from a major credit-card company. Those who purchase a CM12 or Classic 10 model will receive a $200 gift card. More information about the rebate program is available at