Industrial Supply Celebrates its 95th Anniversary

Salt Lake City company was launched in 1916.

Salt Lake City, Utah – Industrial Supply Company, a family-owned business based in Utah, is celebrating 95 years as a supplier and distributor of maintenance, repair, operations and production supplies.

Since its inception in 1916, Industrial Supply has never had a year in which they were not profitable. To emphasize what an achievement that is, consider the myriad of obstacles the construction industry has seen over the years.

Industrial Supply survived the great depression; the mini-recession of 1982 when the largest foundry, the second largest copper mine and two of the largest steel fabricators in the region closed within 18 months of one another. Yet, Industrial Supply is continuing to thrive even now during the current economic downturn. Industrial Supply credits this ability to overcome and prosper to two major factors: dedication to customer satisfaction, and a capacity to adapt to new business climate.

To mark this year's anniversary celebration, Industrial Supply plans to celebrate their industry and all of those that have made significant achievements spanning more than nine decades.

The anniversary will consist of yearlong promotions, events, and contests all aimed at recognizing the industry and the community effort that has contributed to Industrial Supply's 95 years of success. By raising awareness to the outstanding contributions that have been made, Industrial Supply looks ahead to the industry's continued growth and fulfilled potential.