MJB Supply Expects Breakthrough Year in 2011

Recently launched distributor sees big things in the industrial supply sector over the coming year.

Irving, TX – MJB Supply, LLC, launched last year as a wholly-owned subsidiary of MJB Wood Group, Inc., is gaining traction in the industrial tools sector, especially the market for air compressors.

"We've got key customers in the compressor market right now," says Buzz Burton, Division Manager. "We're targeting additional customers in the rural retail, construction supply, automotive wholesale, hardware co-op and wholesale hardware channels as well as internet retail."

As the exclusive distributor of compressors and accessories manufactured by Harrier Industries, LLC (, MJB Supply occupies a position other distributors would envy. "Our partnership with Harrier ensures we sell only superior quality products that respect our customer's price expectations," says Burton. "Compressors made by Harrier have better compression and longer lasting motors than the leading competitors. In fact, their lowest-priced model, an oil-less unit targeted to the consumer, has a motor that can run efficiently for more than 500 hours."

Harrier continues to add to its line of compressors with a diverse array of models for both the weekend garage user and the professional contractor. Says Buzz Burton: "Harrier's just released a 15 gallon portable belt-drive compressor that supplies 6.3 CFM @ 90 psi with a maximum psi of 135. That's a lot of power in a portable unit that can handle a variety of jobs at a much lower price than you would expect."

With some economists predicting that housing starts will continue to struggle, focus is shifting to home improvement and remodeling of existing homes over upgrading to larger, new construction. Smaller scale contractors and D.I.Y. consumers will demand a better customer experience for their money.

"Providing our customers with exceptional products and service to satisfy these consumers will be a key factor in MJB Supply's sales strategies in 2011 and beyond." says Buzz. "Since we enjoy a close relationship with our parent company, MJB Wood Group, Inc., we can leverage the strengths of our combined people, products and technology to ensure we are the most advanced supply chain management company in the industry."

MJB Supply, LLC specializes in the sales, marketing and distribution of consumer and industrial grade tools and equipment throughout the United States. We leverage our core strengths to identify the right tools and equipment your customers need and ensure reliable, accurate, and timely delivery of those products – with the best pricing possible. Find out more about MJB Supply at