Trend Routing Releases DVD on Diamond Sharpening

James Barry's Guide to Diamond Sharpening DVD covers basic to professional level sharpening techniques.

Trend Routing Technology has introduced a new instructional DVD entitled, “James Barry’s Guide to Diamond Sharpening.” Trend Routing Technology has introduced a new instructional DVD entitled, "James Barry's Guide to Diamond Sharpening." James Barry has more than 25 years experience in the diamond sharpening market and he has worked with a wide range of tooling manufacturers from all over the world. He is highly regarded as one of the foremost experts in diamond sharpening and he is known around the globe for his lively and informative demonstrations.

James Barry stated, "There are many types of diamond and there is a wide variation in price points in the diamond sharpening market. The market is cluttered and quite frankly I believe that the consumer is confused by the array of product and claims by manufacturers. We found it necessary to educate the consumer on the different diamond sharpening tools and the proper techniques that the user should employ during the sharpening process."

Barry continued, "It is not difficult to sharpen with the right equipment. This DVD shows (from a hobbyist to a professional) how anyone can affordably sharpen easily in seconds. It is not a rocket science and it is actually very easy to sharpen when utilizing quality diamond stones and files"

The DVD is broken down into seven segments. It begins with a lively introduction into diamond sharpening. It is followed by the proper utilization of a double side credit card stone, the use of a taper file in the workshop and garden, the proper utilization of a kitchen steel and it ends with pen file and outdoorsman file techniques. There is also a chapter on Bench stones and the complete Trend range which also shows chisel / plane blade sharpening and the new trend honing guide.

Barry also stated, "Trend will be introducing new unique and innovative sharpening stones and files in the coming months and I look forward to returning to North America this year to participate in some of the shows and exhibitions."

The James Barry’s Guide to diamond sharpening DVD will retail for $12.90 USD and the product code is U*DVD/DWS/JB.

The Trend diamond sharpening range has been the UK’s #1 seller of British produced diamond whetstones since 2001. Trend has been recognized in 2006 with the award for “Excellence in Engineering” in the UK. Parts of the range are used by the likes of British Aerospace, Rolls Royce and The Royal Mint.

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