MovinCool Extends Stay Cool in Winter Rebate Offer

Rebate period extended to March 31, 2011.

MovinCool announced that it has extended the deadline of its "Stay Cool in Winter" rebate offer for its CM12 and CM25 ceiling-mounted air conditioners to March 31, 2011.

During cold-weather months, when building HVAC systems are switched to heating instead of cooling, the heat-sensitive IT equipment in server rooms can quickly overheat, causing hardware failure, costly damage or — even more costly — system downtime. MovinCool's CM12 and CM25 ceiling-mounted air conditioners are designed to solve this problem by keeping server-room equipment cool throughout the entire year, regardless of the temperature in the rest of the building. The compact, self-contained units are easier to install and have a lower overall cost than conventional solutions such as precision cooling systems or mini-splits.

With the "Stay Cool in Winter" rebate offer, MovinCool customers (excluding resellers) who purchase a CM25 unit on or before March 31, 2011, will receive a $300 prepaid credit card. Those who purchase a CM12 unit will receive a $200 prepaid credit card. More information about the rebate offer is available at

"Many companies are taken by surprise when they find that the IT equipment in their server or telecom room needs cooling even in the winter," said John Doran, senior manager of Commercial and Industrial Systems. "Our ceiling-mounted air conditioners are a convenient, cost-effective solution for them."

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