Rayovac Announces Industrial Distributor Award Winner

Winner Bartle & Gibson serves western Canada.

In recognition of the important role distributors play in the industrial marketplace, Rayovac has awarded Bartle & Gibson the Rayovac Outstanding Distributor Award. The achievement award recognizes Bartle & Gibson's extraordinary performance in sales and distribution of Rayovac batteries and lights for the quarter ending March 31, 2011.

The prestigious quarterly award enables Rayovac to honor distributors for a variety of achievements including sales volume, joint marketing efforts and outstanding performance.

As the winner of the Rayovac Industrial Distributor Award, Bartle & Gibson have demonstrated impressive growth across the full line of Rayovac products including alkaline, lantern, and specialty batteries as well as Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme and Remington lights. Bartle & Gibson strategic decisions have resulted in a notable increase in sales over 16.5 times more this quarter compared to the same quarter last year.

Bartle & Gibson added nine new Rayovac SKUs this quarter increasing Rayovac catalog offerings, helping drive sales by over 260% more than last quarter. They have shown significant sales growth in Rayovac Ultra Pro alkaline batteries and lantern batteries. Their alkaline sales are over 3.6 times higher this quarter vs. the previous quarter. Alone, their lantern batteries sales are over 2.8 times higher this quarter vs. last.

"Rayovac is proud to recognize Bartle & Gibson for their success as well as being a loyal Rayovac distributor," said Kim Olson, Director, Industrial, Government and OEM. "Distributors play a critical role within the industrial battery industry. This award pays tribute to the outstanding work our distributors put forth to support our business and underscores Rayovac's unwavering commitment to maintaining strong relationships with all of our distributors," said Olson.

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