AmeriSus Partners with HomeSphere

Home development coalition to utilize rebate management systems, industry connections.

Lakewood-based HomeSphere, Inc. announced today that they have entered into a partnership with the American Sustainability Initiative (AmeriSus) to effectively manage manufacturer rebates with their BRI and AllTrack applications.

Inspired by the Sears kit houses of the 1930's, AmeriSus manages all design, engineering, product and technology selections, procurement, logistics and scheduling for home builders, in order to deliver all materials necessary to construct an affordable, super-efficient homes for the end consumer. AmeriSus catalog homes are designed to fit into virtually any environment, to encourage infill building and are priced to combat the escalating prices that added to the recent housing crisis.

Utilizing HomeSphere services will lower building material costs and operating costs, allowing AmeriSus to further their efforts in providing the nation's most affordable eco-housing.

As HomeSphere seeks to connect all sectors of the residential construction industry, they plan to introduce AmeriSus to quality building product manufacturers and distributors and expand their supply chain. HomeSphere will also introduce AmeriSus to their growing list of small to mid-tier builders who have interest in contracting to construct their homes, benefiting numerous facets of the industry.

"The goal of AmeriSus is to allow builders to establish a new standard for home creation that's a win-win for builders and buyers," said Donna Kamps, AmeriSus CEO. "Partnering with HomeSphere enables us to outsource our rebate management, connect with valuable building project manufacturers, and ultimately focus on what we do best: enabling builders large and small to deliver higher value for a lesser cost."

BRI is a unique builder rebate management application that assists builders with identifying and collecting 100 percent of their rebates. By choosing BRI supply chain partners' products, builders can maximize their rebate potential and convert all incentives into one check at no additional cost. AllTrack is a proprietary rebate management program for builders that is specifically designed to coordinate and optimize in-house rebate programs offered by the supply chain partners with which they already work.

"AmeriSus has a distinctive business model that is highly appealing to us," said Chris Toth, Vice President of Sales for HomeSphere. "With the current market conditions, we believe AmeriSus is solidly positioned for the future, and we look forward to building a strong partnership on both the rebate management side as well as the industry connection side."

About HomeSphere
Colorado-based HomeSphere connects the residential construction community to enhance the way they do business through technology-driven solutions. For more than a decade, HomeSphere has delivered innovative solutions to create a truly unique company tailored for the pace and complexity of the homebuilding and remodeling industry. With the loyalty of building product manufacturers, distributors, contractors, builders and homeowners, HomeSphere is the only company of its kind to offer user-friendly, intuitive and streamlined solutions to empower market collaboration. For more information, visit or call 1-800-274-2632.

About AmeriSus
The American Sustainability Initiative (AmeriSus) is the nation's foremost group of companies focused on delivering smaller, attractive, super-efficient, sustainable homes and products to builders nationwide via its proprietary Ready Build ordering and logistics methodology that gets an entire Whole Home Package (all the parts) to the jobsite allowing for a just-in-time assembly process. For more information, visit