NAED Launches Branch Manager University

Training program focuses on four categories: Customers, Operations, Financials, and Employees.

NAED, the National Association of Electrical Distributors, has launched Branch Manager University, a comprehensive educational resource that focuses on the importance of the role of the branch manager and caters specifically to advancing their success.

Branch Manager University is a portal that provides the tools that branch managers need to run their operations in a profitable manner. Here they will find a skills assessment, training tips, a forum, branch manager curriculums, and a variety of related resources. In order to make Branch Manager University as relevant to the real world as possible, all of the materials were created with the input of actual branch managers who work in the field. The different skill areas of branch management have been divided into four categories: Customers, Operations, Financials, and Employees.

For more information on the branch manager curriculum on the NAED Learning Center, contact NAED Member Services at 888-791-2512 or

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