I MAKE AMERICA Issues Call to Action

Tell Congress: Pass the highway bill!

www.IMakeAmerica.comJust six months ago the I MAKE AMERICA campaign was launched to promote manufacturing and infrastructure jobs in America. In that short time, 10,000 supporters have signed up to support the urgent need to create more manufacturing jobs in America by rebuilding and modernizing roads, bridges and infrastructure throughout the country.


The future of our prosperity in the United States requires investing in safe and modern infrastructure built by American manufacturers:

  • Safe roads and bridges
  • Adequate electric power grids to provide uninterrupted service
  • Modern sewer and drainage systems that don't break down

I MAKE AMERICA is committed to supporting investments that help our economy grow and make our workforce competitive. That's why Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs helped launch our campaign and still supports it, along with thousands more all over the country.

30,000 jobs are created for every $1 billion spent on infrastructure (roads, bridges, highways, flood control systems, port facilities and others), according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Congress will soon debate significant cuts to building new infrastructure and repairing and modernizing the roads and bridges we already have. The United States cannot cut its way to competitiveness or growth. Yes, we must get the deficit under control, spending must be cut. But it can't be done indiscriminately – if America's going to grow and prosper, we have to set the right priorities.

Today, I Make America asks supporters to say "ENOUGH!" and make some noise – because nothing happens without making some noise. Tell Congress not to cut existing funds for highways, bridges, and the important infrastructure that's essential to our daily lives, and to our future.

Tell Congress you support rebuilding and modernizing the nation's infrastructure because it creates safer roads and more jobs.

Do two simple things today:

  1. Write your member of Congress and let them know you oppose cutting funds for infrastructure in the 2012 budget plan – by setting the right priorities, we CAN invest in America's future WITHOUT increasing our national debt – and Congress needs to show some leadership to make this happen.
  2. Forward this email to five of your friends and co-workers to join the I Make America campaign so they can add their voices in our fight to protect and create manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Together, we can make Congress listen and act.

I Make America is supported by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and its 800+ member companies across the nation.

We make America...and so do you.