DDI System releases new version of Inform ERP Distribution Software

Software now includes iPod, iPhone and iPad wireless signature capture.

DDI System is leading the way in ERP Distribution Software with their latest release – version Innovative features combined with advanced technology make DDI System's inform software the comprehensive solution for wholesale business management.

Inform Analytics – Fully integrated business intelligence tools that quickly provide the necessary information to boost sales and monitor inventory size, turns, and return on investment.

iPod, iPhone, iPad Wireless Signature Capture – Today's mobile devices allow faster deployment and a single click process for compiling and uploading electronic delivery signatures.

"The development of our new ePod solution increases reliability and efficiencies while decreasing ongoing costs and allowing for distributor's to use the iOS device of their choice. From a sales standpoint, our distribution customers have already begun to employ iPod's and iPad's within their sales teams. Expanding the functionality to the warehouse is a natural and sought after integration." – Dan Banks, Senior Solutions Analyst

Advanced Lot Control – Easily trace incoming and outgoing product lots. A must have for industrial, fastener, safety, medical, electrical and food distributors.

Third Party and Import Shipment Freight Handling - More advanced features to continually identify real costs.

Split Warehouse Sales Orders – Simplify your sales. Quickly view and select the appropriate warehouse from a single inventory availability tab.

Financial Reporting - Enhancements your accountant will love.

Faster Than Ever - Taking advantage of the latest in processing power for significant overall system speed improvements.

DDI System's inform distribution management software combines everyday operations in accounting, inventory, sales and purchasing with the latest sales driving tools such as contact and sales management, direct marketing, and e-commerce. Distributors can see the many benefits of the inform software at or by calling DDI for a demonstration at 877-599-4334.