ToolWatch Announces Cloud Platform

ToolWatch Enterprise customers can now access data and track tools from anywhere using cloud-based software.

ToolWatch Corporation's Enterprise solution, a comprehensive system for managing tools, equipment, materials and consumables, is now available "in the cloud." The cloud is a web-based platform that resides not on a company's server but rather remotely in the Internet "cloud," where it is stored in cyberspace and accessible to authorized users whenever needed.

"ToolWatch has actually been using the cloud since launching the on-demand feature of ToolWatch Enterprise in 2007," said Don Kafka, CEO of ToolWatch. "But today the Internet has become a common network for more and more companies, so it made sense to make this feature available to all customers. It's very cost-effective, because minimal internal support is needed, and it's highly secure, with virtually 100 percent availability. Customers can access and manage their data from anywhere at any time."

Now, ToolWatch stores clients' tool and equipment data in the cloud. As customers change, update or manipulate their data from their desktop Enterprise application, it instantaneously syncs up with data stored in the cloud. Authorized users within the client's company can log in and access real-time data, updates and information from anywhere in the world.

Cloud computing provides accurate resource management and reduces the potential for tool and equipment loss, eliminating costly and unnecessary purchases. It establishes accountability for successful asset management, and its sophisticated disaster recovery and data storage capabilities assure that accurate information is always available for making sound business decisions.

"A perfect example of how our customers will benefit from the cloud is an iPhone and Android app, in development, that connects a field employee to our Enterprise system. The app allows a person to 'start the clock' when they begin using a piece of equipment and stop billing for its use immediately when finished. Thus avoiding the unnecessary and often costly charges," said Kafka.

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About ToolWatch
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