MovinCool Announces Summer Cool-Off Rebate Offer

Rebate offers $300 off CM25 and CMW30 ceiling-mount spot air conditioners.

The MovinCool CM25 ceiling-mount air conditioner.MovinCool has announced a "Summer Cool-Off" rebate offer for its CM25 and CMW30 ceiling-mount spot air conditioners. These compact units, both of which feature high sensible-cooling capacities, are specifically designed to cool server rooms, office data centers and other spaces with dense heat loads. Unlike conventional split systems, the air-cooled CM25 and water-cooled CMW30 are self-contained, eliminating the need for an external condensing unit and thus significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs.


With the "Summer Cool-Off" rebate offer, MovinCool customers, excluding resellers, who purchase a CM25 or CMW30 air conditioner on or before September 30, 2011, will receive a $300 rebate gift card from a major credit-card company. More information about the rebate program is available at

"Keeping spaces with dense heat loads cool is a continuing challenge," said Mike Paulson, manager, Heat Management Group. "Our CM25 and CMW30 ceiling-mount air conditioners are a cost-effective solution, and our 'Summer Cool-Off' rebate offer makes these units an even better value."

MovinCool, the world's largest manufacturer of spot air conditioners, is a brand of DENSO Corporation, which has pioneered the concept of workspace spot cooling since the 1980s. MovinCool offers a wide range of portable and ceiling-mount air conditioning systems for many different applications, such as emergency, backup and supplemental cooling, as well as moisture removal. For more information, visit