Fomo Upgrades Online University

Online courses expand knowledge of low pressure spray polyurethane foam application  and training.

Fomo Products, Inc. has given its online university a multimedia remodel aimed at further helping contractors and distributors expand their skill sets and, ultimately, their businesses. University of Fomo is an online learning tool that enhances users' knowledge of low pressure spray polyurethane foam (SPF) through free video training courses and online testing. The platform offers everything from Foam 101 courses to safety courses to advanced courses on specific SPF applications focusing on areas such as weatherization.

"We understand there are still a lot of questions about SPF and many opportunities for new learning, and the University of Fomo was created with this educational need in mind for our customers," says Sara Jonas, senior manager, marketing, Fomo Products, Inc. "By educating our distributors, they become better equipped to help their contractors select the best products while offering safe and proper application of these products. University of Fomo is also a great direct resource for contractors, particularly the application-specific courses."

University of Fomo offers five courses, certifying participants in spray foam basics, sealants and adhesives, weatherization, health and safety, and spray and pour-in-place polyurethane foams. The University of Fomo courses are free and offered 24/7, allowing users to take courses at their own time and pace.

Each course requires users to watch a short video containing topic-relevant information, followed by an exam. Once the exam is taken, and participants pass, each will receive a certification certificate. The site also will offer additional resources for spray foam users, including technical bulletins and videos.

To sign up for University of Fomo courses and learn more about the program, visit