OSI WINTeQ Takes Field Training to the Web

Window and door professionals can now qualify for a 15-year warranty on new construction installations upon completing online course.

OSI WINTeQ is helping on-the-go window and door professionals eliminate commercial and residential owners' concerns with its new Virtual Training program. As an online window certification program, it trains installers to successfully use OSI WINTeQ methods and materials, while offering a 15-year warranty on new construction installations upon course completion.

OSI WINTeQ Virtual Training provides installers with a convenient and flexible option for receiving industry-leading end-user training. Online training takes only a few hours to complete and compliments OSI's in-field WINTeQ training and certification programs. With adequate training, window and door professionals will gain the confidence to ensure proper installs while distinguishing themselves amongst the competition.

OSI WINTeQ Virtual Training was developed in conjunction with TLS Laboratories' President Gene Summy, an international expert in window installation and fenestration. OSI WINTeQ Virtual Training blends Summy's window expertise with enhanced AAMA and ASTM methods, educating installers how to improve energy efficiency for commercial and residential units.

"We've had such a success with our in-person group training sessions that we decided to pursue an additional option for our certification program," Matt Canning, director of marketing for Henkel OSI's brand, said. "Now, window and door professionals can receive training as their schedule permits while having the chance to qualify for a 15-year warranty on their new construction installations."

Window installers are able to access OSI WINTeQ Virtual Training courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week by signing up at Window and door professionals can also sign up for in-person group training sessions at

To learn more about OSI WINTeQ training, products or to download the informative installation guides, visit