IPG Promotes Made In America

Intertape Polymer Group joins national drive to promote Made in America products and American jobs.

With seven manufacturing facilities in the U.S. producing all of IPG's consumer and industrial tapes, the company has been proudly promoting the benefits to the consumer and the American economy.

With consumers becoming more interested in keeping jobs on U.S. soil and buying American-made products, IPG (Intertape Polymer Group) – a leading provider of consumer and industrial tape and packaging products – is promoting its "Made in America" message for its US-produced pressure sensitive tapes.

"Today, American consumers are highly sensitive to buying American-made products," said Gregory Yull, President and CEO of IPG. "Our focus group studies of consumers find that they link 'buying American' to a desire for stability and a wish for Americans to get back to work. As a result, they are willing to search out U.S.- made merchandise, recognizing these products as being higher quality than imported goods."

IPG, with executive headquarters in Bradenton, FL, has seven manufacturing facilities across the country from Utah and Colorado in the West to Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin in the Midwest, to farther East in Richmond, Kentucky. The plants produce a wide range of products, including painter's masking tape, duct tape, packaging tape, foil tapes, and a host of specialty tapes like double-coated and specialty filament tapes. The products meet the government's "Made in America" standard since they are manufactured domestically.

"One of the reasons that 'Made in America' matters is that manufacturing here contributes to the well being of our country. Consumers understand that by buying American-made products, they are giving jobs not only to workers on the plant floor, but also to those in research and development, product and process engineering and design, operations and maintenance, transportation, testing, and to the thousands of vendors we work with," Yull explained. "The by-product of buying American to our fellow Americans cannot be overestimated."

IPG has been promoting the Made-in-America status of its products at trade shows, in public relations efforts, advertising, and through its sales promotions efforts. The company is convinced that its message will resonate with American consumers in a big way.

"ABC News' Diane Sawyer has launched a campaign to promote Made-in-America products that has been very well received. We agree with her that the consumer casts a vote for the future of the American economy every time he or she opens their wallet. It's a decision that pays off not only because of its positive effect on people's lives, but also because people know they are buying a better quality product," said Yull.

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