Puzio Retires from NetPlus Alliance

Buying group's vice president Karl Puzio steps down.

NetPlus Alliance, North America's largest buying group for industrial and contractor supplies distributors, announces the retirement of Karl Puzio, Vice President of Supplier Relations. Mr. Puzio, who has been with NetPlus since its inception in 2002, served as the liaison with the company’s supplier partners. 

“I’ve known Karl Puzio for over 30 years, first as a senior buyer at Carborundum Abrasives in Niagara Falls, and later at American Brass in Buffalo, said Dan Judge, President and Owner of NetPlus Alliance. “Karl was always a top notch purchasing professional, and did a lot of the heavy lifting when we were first starting the group. I have him to thank for the strong roster of 114 manufacturers and wholesalers we have today.”

NetPlus Alliance, founded in 2002, is a buying group for industrial and contractor supplies distributors. NetPlus leverages $9 billion in collective purchasing power to provide profitable rebates, negotiated group pricing and incentive programs to over 400 distributor members.

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