Wind-lock Adds Installation Videos To Packaging

Company adds QR codes to product packaging; scanning codes takes users to installation videos.

Wind-Lock has added QR Codes to product packaging.Wind-lock is implementing the use of QR codes on its packaging. The company's most popular selling Stealth panels now have a QR code sticker on the box. When scanned by a smart phone with a QR code reader application, the link takes the user to an installation video.

"We are always looking for different ways to help our customers get the information they need more easily," explains Carter Benjamin, Executive Vice President of Sales at Wind-lock. "Having a link to the video right on the box gives them quick access to the installation video."

This is not Wind-lock's first experiment with QR codes. A few months ago they added video links to their business cards. Each salesperson has a personal video connected to their business card with a QR code. The company plans to add more QR codes to its packaging and marketing next year.

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