DDI System Launches Inform SBE

Small business edition software is for distributors with less than 10 users.

Smaller distributors rejoice! DDI System has announced the launch of Inform SBE – their new Small Business Edition software. DDI's Inform SBE is a full-featured solution geared towards distributors with less than 10 users. This affordable alternative delivers the same advanced business management capabilities hundreds of companies are already succeeding with.

Inform SBE (Small Business Edition) is an easy-to-understand Windows system including:

  • Comprehensive Inventory & Warehouse Management – Manage single and multi-location inventory levels with ease. Easily maintain stock levels with real-time forecasting, flexible purchasing options, special order management, and consignment inventory.
  • Automated Purchasing and Pricing – Inform's automated procurement system maintains stock levels and forecasts future needs. Flexible market-specific pricing models are designed to meet the unique needs of wholesale companies.
  • Complete Sales Tools – Salesperson analysis, who-bought-what reporting, commission management and more ensuring your team stays on top of customer service.
  • Advanced Accounting & Financial Reporting – An accounting system your accountant will love with the drill-down general ledger features you've been looking for.
  • Exceptional Features to Drive Your Business Forward – Benefit with built-in custom reporting options, forms-free and paperless operations, group calendaring, contact and activity history, file attachments, system driven fax and e-mail plus so much more.

DDI System's Inform SBE is the perfect solution for QuickBooks, Peachtree or any smaller distribution business looking to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Take advantage of cutting-edge innovation at a price you can afford. DDI's proven transition methods and top notch support make switching easier than you think. See the many benefits of DDI System's new Small Business Edition at or call 1-877-599-4334 to schedule a demonstration today.