Affiliated Distributors Announces Industrial Supply Division 2011 Year-End Results

Commitment to independent distributors yields double-digit growth.

Affiliated Distributors (AD) released their Industrial Supply Division’s year-end results with US sales having grown 19% to $4.6 billion, respectively. AD Affiliates also set new records for both net distributions and return on remittances.

Jack Templin, President, Industrial Supply Division states, "AD's Industrial Supply Divisions' performance continues to outpace the industry; proof that Independent Distributors are winning. AD Independent Distributors' expertise, high level of customer intimacy, and partnerships with industry leading suppliers is clearly recognized by the industrial customer base they serve, and is evidenced by their continued record breaking performance."

According to Bill Weisberg, CEO, “In spite of tremendous market uncertainty and stiff competition, our independent Distributors and Suppliers battled back from the depths of the Great Recession to sales levels that now exceed their peak in 2008.”