CSDA Gets New Look

Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association celebrate 40th anniversary with new logo.

The Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) proudly celebrated its 40th anniversary with celebrations at the World of Concrete and the CSDA 2012 Convention. It also introduces a fresh, modern look to represent a new identity for the future.

A new CSDA logo was unveiled to the membership at the 40th Anniversary Convention and Tech Fair on March 4-9, 2012 in Maui, Hawaii. This is the first major change in identity for CSDA since the association was established in 1972.

In 2011, with the 40th Anniversary approaching, the CSDA Board tasked the Marketing Committee to “rebrand” CSDA. “The original CSDA logo featured core drill bits inside of a saw blade. It was reflective of the services offered by cutting contractors at the time, but no longer reflects today’s market. Nowadays, contractor members of CSDA cut, core, break, polish, grind, groove, scan, remove and recycle concrete. Many people felt the timing was perfect for a new look,” says Patrick O’Brien, Executive Director of the association.

The industry has grown and evolved tremendously over the last 40 years. In particular, the dramatic economic shifts of the last few years has led to many sawing and drilling contractors expanding their service offerings to appeal to a greater number of architects, engineers, general contractors and government officials who specify concrete cutting. This expansion has allowed contractors to thrive and survive, even in a tough market.

The new logo features the letters “CSDA” in a modern, lowercase font together with design elements that encapsulate the precision and motion of the services performed by members of the association.

CSDA has always been mindful of its mission to promote the selection of professional sawing and drilling contractors and their methods. The industry has grown from its humble beginnings to a major segment of the construction and demolition industry. With a fresh look and motivated members, the association aims to continue this growth into the next 40 years.