elete Electrolytes Seeks Companies with Qualified Safety Manager to Partner for Worker-Safety Research

Free hydration product and coolers provided.

Mineral Resources International, Inc. (MRI), the makers of elete Electrolytes, seeks one to three companies to act as partners in research on heat safety, looking specifically at heat tolerance and, possibly, recovery from heat injury.

elete Electrolyte products have launched successfully into the sports market and are now launching into the industrial safety market. One study on hydration under arduous conditions using elete has already been peer review published. That study, published in Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, found that those who drank water alone consumed 74 percent more water to achieve the same level of hydration as those who consumed water supplemented with elete.(Source: Wild and Env Med, 19, 172-80 (2008.)

In addition, elete Electrolytes have garnered extremely positive feedback from
construction crews in the Middle East where heat conditions and governments obligate employers to give employees shortened work days and provide electrolytes during the hottest months. Very positive feedback has also been received from medics in the military deployed in the Middle East.

MRI is seeking to obtain additional scientific data relating to the use of its product for heat safety to help demonstrate its effectiveness conclusively to safety managers, industrial hygienists, OSHA, and individuals concerned with heat safety.

If you are an industrial hygienist or qualified safety manager working with 100 to 1000 employees who have a history of heat injury (dehydration, heat fatigue and/or heat stroke—not burns), and are willing to try a safe new hydration product (no sugars or artificial ingredients, all ingredients are Generally Recognized As Safe) and willing to document employee feedback as well as gather and report statistical data on heat injury and preferably the lack thereof, please contact MRI immediately.

Participating companies will receive employee training on hydration and proper usage of electrolytes as well as electrolytes and coolers/beverage dispensers to cover the 2012 heat season free of charge.

Please contact: Val Anderson, Mineral Resources International: e-mail:; toll free: 800-669-1297 ext. 310.