Ohio Colleges to Pour Millions into Construction

After two years without state funds, Ohio earmarks over $400 million for construction at public colleges and universities.

More than $461 million will be invested in new buildings and major renovations on college campuses in the region in the coming years, bringing businesses to the area and signaling the continued growth of the higher education industry locally.

"Companies go where there is talent. By us ensuring that we have strong talent coming out of our higher education facilities, we are locking in one of those economic development tools that we need to attract and retain businesses," said Chris Kershner, a local expert on public policy and economic development.

With a mix of public funding, private donations, institutions' resources and public-private partnerships, local colleges and universities are engaged in multimillion-dollar projects creating all types of jobs from architects to skilled labor, said Sean Creighton, executive director of the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education.

After two years of no funding from the state for capital improvements, Ohio has dedicated $400 million to infrastructure of its 37 public colleges and universities.

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Source: The Chicago Tribune