Greenlee Launches Demo Van Program

Vans will travel Midwest, West and Eastern states.

Greenlee has launched a new mobile marketing program for its power tool accessory products with the introduction of three new vans. Each van is designed to go directly to an end-user’s doorstep, conduct hands-on active product demonstrations, encourage end-user product trial and ultimately incite pull through at distribution.

“We want to encourage the use of our power tool accessories with product trials directly at a contractor’s worksite,” said Martha Kness, Vice President of Marketing for Greenlee, a Textron company. “We believe this will help to create brand preference for our high quality, high performance power tool accessories with our existing customers, and initiate contact with new customers as well. In our Rockford, IL manufacturing facility we continue to innovate and improve the cutting performance of our power tool accessories, offering the best value product on the market today."

Greenlee will have three vans, packed full with power tool accessories that will visit plumbing contractors at commercial and industrial worksites in the Midwest, West and Eastern states.

Each Greenlee van is equipped with a wide variety of power tool accessories, ranging from reciprocating saw blades, bi-metal holes saws, stainless steel hole cutters, carbide grit hole saws, stud punches, step bits, and auger bits to power tools, test instruments and knockouts. These products can be demonstrated in a wide variety of materials and samples are available to be taken back and tried out on the job site.

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