Newborn Bros. Sues Albion Engineering

Suit alleges Albion made false claims of products being “Made in USA.”

Newborn Bros. Co., Inc. of Jessup, Maryland, a national distributor of professional caulking guns, has filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Camden, New Jersey against its competitor, Albion Engineering Company (“Albion”) of Moorestown, New Jersey.

Newborn charges that Albion has violated the federal Lanham Act and New Jersey law, misleading distributors and customers for years using false claims that Albion’s products are “Made in USA” when Albion actually sells products imported from Taiwan.

Newborn’s complaint alleges that import reports show Albion buying complete caulking guns and handle assemblies from Taiwanese manufacturers for Albion’s Deluxe, Special Deluxe and B-Line products. The Federal Trade Commission restricts the use of “Made in USA” marking to products that are “virtually all” made in the United States. Newborn alleges in its complaint that Albion’s products should be advertised and marked “Made in Taiwan.”

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