Igloo and Coca-Cola Sign Cooler Agreement

Line includes six new Coca-Cola Series Igloo coolers.

Igloo and Coca-Cola have signed an exclusive licensing agreement that makes Igloo the exclusive cooler of the Coca-Cola Company.

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According to Igloo executive vice president and chief product officer, David Thornhill, “This relationship between two iconic brands is very exciting for Igloo. Both Igloo and Coca Cola are focused on delivering moments of happiness to consumers everywhere - where they live, work, and play,” he said.

“The folks at Coke have been enthusiastic partners in designing an elegant, six-model line of Coca-Cola Series Igloo coolers for every occasion. Each is designed with Igloo technology and features on the inside and Coca-Cola graphic treatment on the outside. We believe that the line offers a size and style to meet the needs of virtually any kind of outdoor fun you can think of. And, true to the Igloo mission, every model in the Coca-Cola/Igloo cooler line promises to keep food and drink cool and fresh, wherever you take them.We’re confident that this line will resonate with consumers just as each of our brands has in the past.”

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