World Trade Center Transportation Hub Begins to Take Shape

Work on the $4 billion project has been mostly below ground, but now the above-ground structure is becoming visible.

When completed in 2015, New York's World Trade Center Transportation Hub will resemble a bird in flight -- or maybe a stegosaurus, depending on your vantage point. Photo: Port Authority of New York and New JerseyIt has cost much more and taken far longer than expected, but as the structural form of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub by Santiago Calatrava begins to emerge, it’s clear that New York and New Jersey will get some serious architecture for all that time and money.

Passers-by have no way yet to gauge how much progress has been made, since the work so far has occurred below street level. PATH commuters who have been threading through and around barriers know something big is going on, but cannot really see what it is. Absent any visible signs, it has been easy to focus on the budget, now nearly twice the original estimate of $2 billion, and on the construction timetable, which has stretched to 10 years from 4.

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Source: The New York Times