BlackBat Stakes Featured on HBO's True Blood

Construction stake maker BlackBat takes on vampires in HBO’s “True Blood.”

BlackBat Trueline Stakes, can now be seen on HBO’s hit vampire show “True Blood.”Here's a product placement deal made in heaven, or, um, that other place. The maker of best-in-class construction stakes for builders in North America, BlackBat Trueline Stakes, can now be seen on HBO’s hit vampire show “True Blood.”

“Ever since we created BlackBat, we have set out to make a stake with low breakage that you could depend on. When the opportunity of placing our stakes on HBO’s True Blood presented itself, we immediately loved the idea as it connected so well with our brand — both in product and persona. If you’re going to stake a project or kill a vampire, you need a stake you can depend on!” said Howard Bagby, president of BlackBat Stakes.

HBO’s highest-rated show since “The Sopranos,” “True Blood” began its fifth season in June with the story revolving around the co-existence of vampires and humans in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. “True Blood” is based on the novel series, The Southern Vampire Mysteries, by author Charlaine Harris.

Working with C3BHollywood to place the stakes on “True Blood,” BlackBat cooperated with the filming crews to make the stakes more showbiz friendly by staining and polishing the product and making it fit into the high-end retail fantasy market for vampire slaying equipment.

Bagby summed up the effort with the BlackBat product placements this way; “We’re having a lot of fun and our brand awareness just went off the Richter scale, that’s a nice thing to know.”