Simpson Strong-Tie Wins Builder Award for Eighth Straight Year

David Weekley Homes’ gives  Simpson its “Partners of Choice” award for eight years running.

Simpson Strong-Tie has been honored with the distinguished “Partners of Choice” Award for the eighth consecutive year, earning an “A” ranking in both quality and service.

Sponsored by David Weekley Homes, the nation’s third largest for-profit privately-held home builder, the award program recognizes top-performing suppliers in David Weekley’s world-class evaluation program, which is based on the “National Trading Partner Survey.”

Every quarter, David Weekley Homes’ 600+ team members (employees) review the company’s 150 suppliers, known as “trading partners,” and rate them on both quality and service. The “National Trading Partner Survey” tracks team member responses to measure how effective partners are in managing the supply chain. Partners are rated on a scale from 1-10. Numeric scores are averaged and an alpha ranking of A through F is assigned in 20 percent increments based on each company’s relative standing to others.

The award program honors suppliers who earn an “A” in quality, service or both in a 12-month period. David Weekley Homes shares the results with all participating partners each quarter to encourage ongoing communication and improvement. Simpson Strong-Tie, who has been a part of the survey since its inception in 2003, was among 12 companies this year to receive an “A,A” award.

“World-class quality and service does not occur from one transaction or event,” said Bill Justus, vice president of supply chain services for David Weekley Homes. “Rather it is the sum of thousands of interactions with the customer in which an organization consistently meets or exceeds expectations. For eight straight years our friends at Simpson Strong-Tie have demonstrated they are among the best at delivering on this value proposition.”

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