CDCLarue Gets Vacuum Filter Patent

Earns first patent issued for twist-off Spun Bond Polyester PTFE coated air filters.

CDCLarue is proud to announce they are the first vacuum manufacturer to be awarded a patent from the US Patent & Trademark for a twist on/off Spun Bond Polyester PTFE coated air filter. The patent was issued July 2012 under US patent # 8226739.

CDCLarue filters are made from a non-woven Spun bond Polyester material and coated with a PTFE membrane. The SBP material has excellent thermal properties, high dimensional stability, inherent UV stability and low permeability. The PTFE coating helps filters to be more resilient to abrasive water, heat and chemicals while preventing dust and debris from permeating the filter material and embedding.

The easy twist on/off design makes installing and replacing filters quick and easy. Each filter comes standard with a oversized polymer washer for an air tight seal.

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