i-lighting Doubles Sales for Second Consecutive Year

LED lighting systems provide simple, cost-effective and reliably increase home and deck visibility.

i-lighting announces it has acheived 100 percent increases in sales over the past two years based on the growing national popularity of the company’s Deck, Stair and Landscape Lighting Systems.

Designed with the proprietary “Lighting Simplified” wiring technology, each kit can be installed separately or in conjunction through a series of built-in “Y-connectors” and extension cables that easily plug together to greatly increase the visibility and safety of interior stairways and outdoor areas.

All i-lighting Deck, Stair and Landscape LED lighting kits are developed to provide home owners, professional deck builders and contractors with an all-in-one kit for increasing the visibility and safety of exterior and interior stairways as well as patios, decks and walks.

Designed with a custom low-voltage DC system and patented Plug A-into-B wiring harness that can be easily-customized to accommodate nearly any application, the systems are configured to dramatically reduce installation times when compared to traditional lighting products, while nearly invisibly lighting deck rails, stairs and posts for only a few pennies each month.

Each kit has everything necessary for installation including light fixtures with unique LED spotlights, patented A-into-B wiring plug harnesses and all fastener accessories.

The Stairlighting Kit can also be purchased to support installations with or without access to the back of stairs or for spiral, carpeted or wooden stair applications.

Virtually maintenance-free, the system’s LED lights are easily attached by simply plugging together each fixture’s A into B connectors. Simplicity, cost-effectiveness and longevity are all keys to the system, which also includes a lifetime warranty on the LED bulbs. In addition, each LED light uses approximately 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and is rated for 100,000 hours of operation or 12-plus years if used 24-hours-a-day/seven-days-a-week.

Other benefits include:

  • Photocell technology that senses ambient light and automatically turns lights on and off for both safety and security, while adding convenience and reliability
  • Lighting design that does not create heat and as a result is safer for pets and children, while attracting less insects
  • One-year warranty on kit materials and a lifetime warranty on all LED lights
  • Interior systems, which also provide options for battery backup emergency lighting during power failures

For more information including the pricing for individual Deck, Stair and Landscape Systems, please visit or call 888-305-4232.