Amval Celebrates 30 Years

Rep agency serves distributors across New England.

Founded by Vincent Matteis of Lyndonville, Vermont, AMVAL Associates sells industrial tools and equipment through construction and STAFDA distributors all over New England.

AMVAL is short for Aime, Michael, Vincent, Anthony and Lorraine (Matteis' family members) but more importantly, it also stands for American Value — promoting the value of American companies.

Currently Vincent's daughter, Aime Cedrone, is VP of Sales; Tony Matteis (Vincent's youngest son) and Michelle Matteis (Vincent's daughter -in-law) are sales reps independently covering their territories.

Much has changed over the years, notably technology in the form of wireless phones, GPS, computer messaging etc., but AMVAL still holds firm in the belief that "People buy from People."

Always thankful for every customer as a friend, AMVAL has always kicked back 10% of its profits to those less fortunate.

Amval Associates has been a member of STAFDA since 1998 and Vincent served on the Rep Liason Committee and is currently the MRERF Liason member for STAFDA.

For further info and contacts,please check out WWW.AMVALINC.Com