Ericson Introduces Web-based Product Selection Tools

Drop-down menus guide users through the selection process.

Ericson Manufacturing is pleased to announce the launch of its Product Selection Tools encompassing a broad range of products including Wiring Devices, Mini and Micro Cable Assemblies, and Wire Mesh Grips. The tools are located online at

Product identification has never been easier thanks to intuitive drop-down menus that guide users through the selection process with error free precision. Similar products can be compared and contrasted, with the click of a mouse, eliminating the guess work typically associated with device identification and selection.

“Our new web-based product selection tools greatly simplify the process of accurately identifying thousands of products,” said Jon Semancik, Ericson’s Product Manager. “This approach saves our customers time and effort, and is just the beginning of Ericson’s transition to a new generation of customer productivity tools”.

Adopting a logical, step-by-step, menu driven approach delivers significant time savings and accuracy improvements. Wiring Devices is a broad category including plugs, connectors, receptacles, adapters and accessories; moreover, product selection requires knowledge of multiple selection criteria including electrical and environmental ratings, NEMA configurations, device compatibility and safety listings making these products an ideal selection tool fit.

These improvements are just as significant when specifying Wire Mesh Grips which include grips, pulling grips, strain relief grips with a variety of different eyelet and mesh styles. Likewise, Mini and Micro Cable Assemblies and Accessories are also a perfect candidate due to the wide range of available configuration styles, poles, electrical ratings and keyways.

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