Duo-Fast Posts Cordless Nailer Video

Commercial roofers tell Duo-Fast how and why they are using the cordless roofing nailer system.

When Duo-Fast introduced the world's first Cordless Roofing Nailer System two years ago, they had certain expectations as to who would use the tool, why they would use it and how they would use it.

However over the past two years, Duo-Fast has done a formal marketing research study with extensive visits to professional contractors using the tool and have found that why and how they use the tool are often vastly different than expected.

“Our field research has surprised us,” said Craig Christiansen, marketing manager for Duo-Fast Roofing and Exterior. “Roofing contractors are finding uses for the Cordless Roofing Nailer and reasons to use it that we did not expect. For example, we never thought that roofers would use it for commercial work. But many roofers use it in a variety of commercial applications we didn't even think about, such as installing gravel stop, cleat and coping.”

The Duo-Fast field research included video interviews with contractors. In this video ( Duo-Fast interviews Dan Davis, Vice President of Operations for Davis Roofing & Construction. His company and crews have adopted the Duo-Fast cordless roofing nailer as their go to tool in almost all of their work.

His reasons:

It speeds up set-up time, no compressor, no hoses, just get on the roof and go to work.Perfect for unique commercial work, including installation of gravel stops, cleat and coping for the outside perimeter edge.Perfect for his service crews; he puts one on each truck, as it is ideal for small production jobs (2 to 6 squares) and repair jobs.Saves his company a few hundred dollars each week in set up and take down time and gasoline for a compressor.

The Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing Nailer System, Model DFCR175C, has a suggested retail price of $459 and comes with two rechargeable battery packs and charger, a convenient backpack and one Roofer's Choice Fuel + Nail Pack, as well as a safety tether and safety glasses. It also features a one year no questions asked full coverage service promise and five year limited warranty.

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