R+L Carriers Launches Business Critical Solutions Service

Expedited shipping solutions are designed for distribution and manufacturing industries.

R+L Carriers now offers a suite of affordable guaranteed and expedited shipping services that fall under the new service umbrella of Business Critical Solutions.

Business Critical is a mode neutral services option designed to provide same day, next day, or 1-2 day faster transit times based on industry needs. With a 99.87% on time service performance, the Business Critical Solutions portfolio is designed to help manufacturers, distributors and other industries meet complex supply chain demands.

Business Critical Solutions includes LTL (Less Than Truckload) guaranteed services, LTL expediting, traditional expediting, international expediting, also known as Jet Express, and a new domestic service called Weekend Express.

Under the Business Critical Solutions umbrella, R+L Carriers' new Weekend Express service option allows customers to ship their freight on a Friday from selected destinations and have it delivered on Monday, guaranteed.

For more information about the new Business Critical Solutions, call R+L Carriers Emerald Service team at 866-977-3331 or visit