One World Trade Center Spire Signals Project Completion

Crowning spire goes up Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012.

A symbolically important piece of the new One World Trade Center is taking its position Wednesday in New York City. It's the building's giant spire for the top of the tower.

Nine of the 18 massive steel pieces that will eventually make up the 408-foot spire -- some weighing nearly 70 tons -- were too heavy to be driven in from Canada where they were constructed. So instead, they made the 1,500 nautical-mile trek along the Atlantic Seaboard into Lower Manhattan.

The heavy lifting went well into the night with crews using a large crane to move each piece from the barge onto a flatbed truck.

Earlier Tuesday, workers poured cement atop the 104-story skyscraper where the spire will be locked into place.

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Source: CBS News